Not 1, But 2 FEGS Staff Honored as ‘Heroes Among Us’ By Brooklyn Developmental Disabilities Council (BDDC)

Congratulations to FEGS staffers, Eric Zapata, Site Manager,  and Keith Williams, RHA, who were honored today at the ‘Heroes Among Us’ ceremony.  ‘Heroes Among Us’ is an awards ceremony hosted by the BDDC that celebrates the stellar efforts of management and direct service staff and others to protect and serve people with developmental disabilities during Superstorm Sandy.

Superstorm Sandy was particularly hard on the Residential Services community, so when Yolanda Robano-Gross (FEGS Vice President Developmental Disabilities Residential Services) saw the BDDC’s call for ‘Heroes Among Us’ nominees she responded right away.

As Yolanda explains, “A natural disaster is a crisis for most everyone touched by it…but for the individuals we serve in a residential setting, that crisis can quickly escalate to a matter of life and death. Residential services require oversight of our individuals 24/7.   The families literally entrust us with their lives.  I was very proud of how my staff handled this crisis — we got through two back-to-back storms without incident.  All of the residential staff did exemplary work, and  Eric Zapata and Keith Williams went above and beyond the call of duty.  Eric managed three evacuation scenarios during the first storm and two during the second, all while coordinating medication and food distribution for his residents. Keith stayed with residents to ensure their safety for days on end. Their efforts were truly heroic, making them perfectly suited for this award.”

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